Pastor's Message

April 2021

“With great power the apostles continued to testify to
the power of the resurrection 
of the Lord Jesus.
And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all.”

Acts 4:33


The resurrection of Jesus was not a one-time event; the resurrection of the Lord is a physical-spiritual expression of God always at work in our world, bringing forth new life. Christ is risen and Christ raises people up from any and all situations of death. The following prayer expresses well the dynamic power of “God’s grace powerfully at work” in us and around us.


Christ, our life,

You are alive—in the beauty of the earth

   in the rhythm of time and space.



Christ our life

You are alive—in the tenderness

   of touch

in the heartbeat of intimacy

in the insights of solitude



Christ our life,

You are alive—in the creative


   of the dullest conversation

   of the dreariest task

The most threatening event



Christ our life,

You are alive—to offer re-creation

   to every unhealed hurt

   to every deadened place

   to every damage heart



You set before us a great choice.

   Therefore we choose life.

The dance of resurrection soars


   Surges through the whole creation,

This grace, dying we live.

   So let us live.

                        —Kathy Galloway



Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Bob